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The Hub City

Nanaimo is known as the hub city on Vancouver Island, with a central location that allows you to fully experience an exceptional Vancouver Island lifestyle. It also offers convenient accessibility to Vancouver, either by air (20-minute flight) or a scenic 1.5-hour ferry ride. Nanaimo is a waterfront city and has a mild climate. The average summer temperature is 21°C (70°F), winter temperatures seldom fall below freezing level and you can enjoy over 1800 hours of spectacular BC sunshine per year.

With a population of approximately 115,000, Nanaimo is the second-largest city on Vancouver Island and offers a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities, sports facilities, and natural beauty. Nanaimo offers great opportunities for real estate, with prices approximately half of what you’d pay for a similar home in Victoria, and a quarter of what you’d pay in Vancouver. In terms of location, or relocation, Nanaimo is a great choice. If you prefer outlying areas, the Regional District of Nanaimo extends as far north as Bowser, west to Errington, and south to Cedar.

Historically, Nanaimo was built on a resource-based economy and its busy ports once shipped coal from the Dunsmuir mines, transported logs, and housed a large commercial fishing fleet. Today, the Nanaimo economy has transitioned to service-based businesses with the largest sectors including construction, retail stores, technology, and health care.

I love the Nanaimo area and have lived here for nearly four decades. I’m pleased to share a few links with you that will help you get settled in and introduce you to our enviable Vancouver Island lifestyle.

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Nanaimo is proud of its heritage, and supports many local arts and live performance groups in the area.