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Top 3 Local Schools in Nanaimo

Thu, 21 Jul by Redman Team

Concept of science.One of the most important components to your child’s development is the school they attend. You want to make sure that your school choice gives your kids everything they need to succeed in their education. By giving your child access to the education they need, you’re setting them up for a bright and prosperous future.

Are you considering a move to Nanaimo? Are you in the process of finding the right school for your child? If so, follow this guide to the 3 best ranked schools in Nanaimo. Each one of these options can provide a wonderful learning opportunity for your child. Depending on your specific location, they can be a great choice for your family.

Dover Bay Secondary School

Dover Bay Secondary School provides a highly involved educational program specifically designed to foster intellectual development while developing social skills and preparing children for future careers.

Part of what makes Dover Bay so exceptional is the school’s focus on students and learning. They recognise that every single student is unique and has something all their own to contribute toward learning. By keeping students actively engaged, participating, accountable, and involved, learning is something that happens both inside and out of the classroom. And this approach ensures a robust and comprehensive development path for all students.

Nanaimo District Secondary School

Nanaimo District Secondary School places a strong focus on a variety of learning opportunities for students. Their “One School, Many Opportunities” philosophy is all about bringing something for everyone in terms of learning potential.

With an inclusive and supportive school system, their approach is all about allowing students to identify their interests and pursue their passions. From an educational standpoint, this helps to reinforce skills – and position students to become lifelong learners.

Nanaimo Christian School

Located on an expansive 6 acre campus, Nanaimo Christian School is designed to provide a highly supportive educational environment. With facilities like a computer lab, woodworking shop, student kitchens and more, there are multiple learning opportunities available for students. Coupled with a strong focus on academics, this school delivers a robust set of benefits for students.

Get All the Best in Nanaimo Real Estate Services Today

If you’re considering a move to the Nanaimo area, Chris Martin is here to help. His expertise across this area means he’ll work to find you just the right home for you and your family. To learn more about all the available homes – or to list your own home for sale – get in touch with Chris and his team right now.

Happy Birthday Canada: Let’s Celebrate!

Fri, 01 Jul by Redman Team

Happy Canada Day message greeting with the Canadian maple leaf flag hanging from pegs on a line against a red background, for July 1 holiday.

Canada Day in Nanaimo – July 1, 2016

Canada Day is just a few weeks away, so it’s time to start planning the fun activities you’ll do with your family and friends to celebrate our nation’s birthday. If you’re in the Vancouver Island area, you’re in luck, as there are a variety of events taking place. Pick your favourite, or make a day of it and try to head to as many as you can. Here are a few of the highlights:

Celebrate Canada Day in Nanaimo

Maffeo Sutton Park will host a day of fun and excitement, starting with the Celebration of Flags and Opening Ceremonies, beginning at 11 am. The day centres around a Multicultural Food Fair with interactive booths and roving live entertainment, including local favourites like The Midnights, Little Crow, Doctors of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jake West and Craig McKee. The Bowen Road Farmers Market will provide additional dining and shopping opportunities. This free event will be suitable for all ages, and ample free parking will be available throughout the surrounding area. Be sure to get there early, though, as the event only runs until 3:30 pm.

Gabriola Island Canada Day Night Market and Festival

Another fun family event will take place on Gabriola Island from 5:45 pm to 10 pm. This night market and festival celebrates not just Canada Day, but the Village Food Market’s 24th anniversary as well. Enjoy food from over 20 vendors, or relax and enjoy a cold one in the beer and wine garden. The night opens with a parade, complete with a marching band. Live entertainment for children and adults alike will be going on throughout the evening, featuring children’s artist Rick Scott, The Pilkey Sisters, and The Kat’s Pajamas. Customer appreciation giveaways round out the festivities.

Canada Day Fireworks Paddle

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, join other active-minded folks at Parksville Beach for a lively paddle out into the water to watch all of the fireworks going off back on dry land. It is a relatively calm paddle, so anyone can participate. All kayaks and gear are provided for the low price of $61.30 per person. A basic instructional seminar will take place before the paddle begins, so have no fear if you’ve never kayaked before.

More Fun All Year Round

Fun events like these do not only take place on Canada Day. The Nanaimo area features exciting and diverse entertainment options for the whole family throughout the year. When you’re ready to make this vibrant community your home, get in touch with Chris Martin. He is an experienced real estate agent in the area and can help guide you throughout the process.

Moving Tips: Pets

Wed, 15 Jun by chris-martin

3 Tips for a Stress-Free Move with Your Pet

Moving to a new home can be a chaotic and stressful time for your beloved pet. He knows that something big is happening, but he doesn’t quite understand what that is. You’ve got so many other things going on in the process of the move, and an anxious pooch or frightened cat is the last thing you want to deal with. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do leading up to the move to make it easier on the furry members of your family, and on you.

Board Your Pet for a Few Days Before and After the Move

Boarding your dog or cat in a kennel that he is familiar with can greatly reduce his stress throughout the process. Because it is an environment that he has spent time in before, he will be much more comfortable in knowing that you will be back to pick him up soon. If you are moving to another state or city where you do not have a familiar kennel, this may not be a good idea, as it could actually increase your pet’s stress level. In this situation, it may be better to have him stay with a friend or family member that he knows.

Focus on Keeping a Home-Like Environment

If boarding or staying with a friend is not an option, try to stick to your regular routine as much as possible. Feed your cat at the same time as you usually do, and walk your dog at your regular time. Having structure and routine will help your pets transition to their new home. Before bringing your pet into the new house, set up at least one room with familiar furniture. This will signal to your pet that the new environment is, indeed, their home. Keep a close eye on your pets for the first few days after the move to ensure that they transition smoothly. Let your dog outside frequently to prevent marking behaviours inside the house, and ensure that your cat has her scratching post and any other toys she likes.

Take Some Time Off Work

If you can afford to, you may want to consider taking a few extra days off from work, or working from home for a few days after the move to spend time with your pets in your new home. Having you there for comfort can help to ease your pets’ anxiety and assure them that you will be staying in the new house too. Try to keep your days as routine as possible. This is not the time to make drastic changes to feeding or walking schedules, as your pet has already been through enough change. Once your pets seem comfortable and relaxed, it is likely safe for you to return to work and leave them home alone.

For help with the human side of the move, get in touch with Chris Martin. He is an experienced real estate agent serving the Nanaimo, BC area and can help you find your next dream home.

Exploring the Arts This June in Nanaimo

Fri, 03 Jun by chris-martin

Nanaimo is a vibrant Vancouver Island community with tonnes of activities to appeal to both residents and visitors alike. The month of June is especially exciting for lovers of the visual and performing arts. Read on for three can’t-miss local art events coming soon.

Photo Salon 2016

This photography competition is recognized worldwide and will feature over 80 prints, many of which will be available for purchase. A jury of three esteemed judges will choose the first, second and third place photos, as well as several honourable mentions. The winners and all other entries will be on display at The View Gallery at Vancouver Island University each day from 30 May to 10 June. The address is 900 Fifth Street, Building 330, Nanaimo V9R 5S5; the gallery is open from 1 pm to 5 pm daily and is free to the public.

Entering the Abstract Space with Alison Watt

Celebrated abstract painter Alison Watt will share her knowledge and skills in a two-day seminar 15-16 June from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. The seminar will cover various techniques and theories of abstract painting and how they can be applied to other forms of art as well. Participants will learn the principles of how to construct their own abstract art from start to finish. The Nanaimo Art Gallery’s Art Lab will host this event with tickets costing $180 for gallery members and $190 for non-members. Find out more by contacting the Nanaimo Art Gallery on 7541750, or take a look at their website:

Marianne Trudel Quartet Featuring Ingrid Jensen

Renowned jazz pianist Marianne Trudel has teamed up with trumpeter Ingrid Jensen for a tour through Vancouver Island and Nanaimo is their first stop on 22 June. The troupe will perform Trudel’s project entitled “La Vie Commence Ici,” or “Life Begins Here,” which received a JUNO nomination. The project spans a range of musical genres, seamlessly integrating jazz with other popular styles. The Nanaimo stop of the tour will take place at SIMONHOLT, 6582 Applecross Road; tickets cost $25 each and the event website is:

When you decide that you are ready to make the move to Nanaimo, trust your business to Chris Martin. Chris has extensive of experience of real estate in this region and can help you and your family find exactly the home you are looking for. Call today to learn more about his services and what he can do for you.

Home Décor Tips

Mon, 23 May by Redman Team

Kitchen Trends for Spring

Spring has sprung, winter is a distant memory, and the kitchens of Nanaimo are getting ready for the joys that summer can bring. So, how can you make sure your kitchen stays bang on-trend this season? Well, you can start by taking a look at some of our hot tips for a stylish – but functional, let’s not forget that – kitchen this spring.

Colour Splashes

Spring 2016 may not be a season for big patches of colour and feature walls, but it’s not a season for lifeless, subdued kitchen interiors either. Every cook certainly needs well-thought-out colour choices to get inspired to create marvels in the kitchen.

Add some colour splashes to your kitchen with boldly coloured accessories, subtle pastel shades and hues, and the natural aesthetics of a well-positioned bunch of flowers. The creative boost you receive from such an enlivening space is sure to be reflected in your cooking.


Metal fixtures are making a comeback in kitchens across British Columbia. Think reflective backsplashes, brass taps, and brass or bronze finished range hoods.

Temper the visual effect of these pieces with rustic wooden floors and cabinets to create a gloriously vintage interior space.

Intuitive Convenience

We are living in the age of convenience, so this is a trend that won’t be going away any time soon. The modern Canadian kitchen is an integrated space, full of technological wizardry aimed at making the modern Canadian kitchen-owner a calmer and more zen-like being.

Think about what you are trying to achieve with your kitchen space. What sort of tasks do you regularly need to accomplish in there? Are you a wine person or a coffee person? A gourmet chef or are you quick and efficient in the kitchen? Once you understand your practical aims for your kitchen space, you can set about kitting it out with all the gadgets and gizmos you need to truly make it your own.

Live-in Kitchens

Ok, we’re not suggesting that you move into your kitchen permanently, but the kitchen-goal for many of us this spring is to bring cohesion to our homes and to elevate what is traditionally a food preparation room to the status of something else entirely.

You can achieve a hybrid kitchen and dining area through the introduction of a dining table and chairs, or even turn it into more of a common/living area with sofas, cushions, and a bookshelf. This is the season that your kitchen ceases to be a one-dimensional room, and gains a whole new lease of life.

For more information on what makes a house an attractive proposition in the market, browse our pages or get in touch with Chris Martin today!

Thinking of Buying a Home in Nanaimo?

Fri, 13 May by Redman Team

Check Out Our Guide to Mortgage Loans

So you’re buying a home in Nanaimo? Excellent choice! There are a few things you’re going to need to take care of first, and your top priority should be the mortgage. Read on for more information on navigating these sometimes tricky loan contracts.

Amortization Periods

The amortization period is a length of time which is used to calculate how much you will pay each month on your mortgage. Usually, this period is very long, often over 20 or 25 years. A minimum payment is set which will pay off the mortgage completely if this is adhered to over the full amortization period.


However, most mortgage contracts will include another time period, known as a mortgage term. It is this stipulated term within which the mortgage must be paid off – usually between six months and several years. At the end of this period, the mortgage holder must either pay the balance upfront, or renew their mortgage with the same or a different lender.


As mentioned above, your mortgage payments refer to the minimum amount you must pay back each month. This will cover the interest accrued during that month, and will pay off some of the initial amount borrowed.


Before you can enter into a mortgage agreement, you must first pass two stages of approval. Pre-approval occurs before you have selected a property and involves a review of your financial situation in order to determine the total value that you will be eligible to borrow. This is achieved via an examination of banking information and investment portfolios, combined income, additional debts, and a full credit check.

Pre-approval will only be granted if the mortgage payments are less than 30% of your monthly income and if your total combined debt makes up less than 40% of your salary. Other conditions will also need to be met.


When a property has been selected, a second stage of approval must be completed. At this stage, the lender will conduct a survey of the property in question to decide whether the value quoted is correct. A second suitability check will be carried out using the same criteria as above, and once completed, the mortgage contract can be drawn up and signed.

Additional Fees

Don’t forget that some of the following fees and charges may apply;

  • Legal fees for recording the transfer of home ownership
  • Fire and liability insurance
  • Mortgage default insurance to protect the lender’s interests in the event of non-payment
  • Mortgage application fee, which is variable and applied by the lender
  • Appraisal fee, covering the cost of any surveys carried out by the lender
  • Survey fee, covering the cost of other surveys carried out by you at the lender’s request
  • Property tax, or property tax reimbursement if the previous owner has paid upfront

For more information on buying or selling a property in Nanaimo, get in touch with Chris Martin today!

Community Events in Nanaimo

Wed, 20 Apr by chris-martin

April 2016

Nanaimo is a vibrant city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Also known as The Harbour City, Nanaimo provides a variety of special events all year round for both visitors and locals to enjoy. Read on for some popular events coming up in April.

Exercising in gymMoksha Yoga Class

This event is another great way to meet others in the community while getting healthy at the same time. The practice of Moksha Yoga encourages taking its teachings off the mat as well and giving back to the community. As such, these classes are free, but donations are encouraged. The typical donation is about $10, but any amount is welcome. All of the proceeds from the classes go to support both local and international charitable organisations.

33rd Annual Nanaimo Model Railroad Show

Children and adults of all ages flock to this annual event to peruse the model trains for sale and on display. This show is a haven for collectors and hobbyists alike. Vendors from local hobby shops sell these realistic looking miniature trains in a variety of scales, and collectors often have rare or unique pieces to sell to those looking to expand their personal collections. Even if you are not a train enthusiast, this event is still a fun way to escape back to your childhood and forget about the stresses of your everyday life.

This is just a small sampling of the entertaining events that occur in Nanaimo in the month of April. Many other events are scheduled throughout the year to suit a broad range of interests. When you and your family decide that it is time to move to this wonderfully eclectic city, get in touch with (REALTOR NAME). He/She has extensive experience in this region and can help you find the home that is perfect for your needs.

Staging Your Home for Spring

Sat, 16 Apr by Redman Team

Spring is in the Air!

iStock_000076717325_MediumThe flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and nature is showing her best. Time for you to do the same. Find out how to revitalize your home and capture the essence of spring. Try these staging tips to make your house more welcoming to guests, and potential buyers.

Spring Cleaning

After a winter spent indoors, your home needs airing out to avoid unwanted odors that may occur from being shut up for the season. Open the windows and let in the clean air. Vacuum and thoroughly wash carpets, as well as drapery and linens, especially if you have pets. Subtle air fresheners (sprays, plug-ins, or herbal mixtures) are often a good idea for clearing the air and banishing stuffiness. Fresh cut flowers and plants can also add a fresh, inviting feel to the indoors.

Freshen and Repair

Get rid of worn furniture and shabby linens. Clean area rugs and carpets will go a long way to showing buyers you take pride in your home. Repair any broken furniture or kitchen appliances, as well as washers, dryers, heating/cooling devices, and water heaters. Check wiring and plumbing and make sure all repairs are up to code.


Just because you may be a gourmet cook, doesn’t mean you should have your cooking tools out. Don’t clutter your kitchen with countertop appliances, utensils, or photos on the refrigerator. A clean workspace and shiny, up-to-date appliances signal an organized kitchen and present the best appearance for buyers.

Stash children’s toys in closets or toy chests. Put away old magazines that may be lying about. Take a small garbage bag and empty out the junk drawer. Create as much open, unfettered space as possible.

Use of Colour

Nothing says springtime like bright colours (or pastels). Soothing blues and greens are always a good choice and help bring the outside in. Soft yellows and other subtle colour accents can give your home a sunny, joyful feel. Don’t hesitate to experiment with colour and consult a stylist if necessary.

After a long winter, most homeowners look forward to spending time with family and opening their home to the outdoors. You can present your home at its best for all your guests, including potential buyers. Sweep out that winter mustiness and invite the freshness of spring into your home. In the market to buy or sell a home in the Nanaimo, BC area? Get in touch with experienced local real estate agent, Chris Martin, and find out more about staging your home for spring.

BC Home Buyers

Wed, 16 Mar by chris-martin

Saving You Money

 If you are a homeowner in British Columbia or are planning to become one in the near future, there are a variety of options available to you that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

First Time Home Buyers’ ProgramHome For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.

The First Time Home Buyers’ Program is designed to help assuage the property transfer tax. Those who qualify for the program can get some or all of this tax waived. In order to qualify, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and have lived in BC for at least a year. If you only live in BC some of the time, you must have filed taxes in BC at least two out of the past six years. This also must be the first home you have ever owned. The house itself must be located in British Columbia and be your primary residence. The home can have a value of up to $475,000.

Home Owner Grant

The Home Owner Grant is available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents under the age of 65. This grant reduces the amount of property taxes you must pay each year. To qualify for this grant, you must own a property in BC and use it as your primary residence. While you must pay at least $350 in property taxes before applying for the grant, it can help to lessen your tax liability after that initial amount, which funds certain government services like road maintenance and the police. If your home has a value of $1,200,000 or less, the grant can reduce your taxes by up to $570.

Home Buyers’ Plan

The Home Buyers’ Plan lets you take up to $25,000 out of your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) to use to buy or build a home. You must repay the funds to your RRSP within 15 years, or you will be taxed on it as income. To qualify for the plan, you must be a first time home buyer and plan to use the home as your primary residence. You also must have written documentation of your purchase of the home. After the first year that you have been in the home, you must start making your repayments.

When you decide that you are ready to buy a home and take advantage of these great money-saving options, contact Chris Martin. He is an experienced real estate agent serving the Nanaimo area, and can help you navigate the process.

Island Roots Farmer’s Market in Nanaimo

Mon, 07 Mar by Redman Team

young woman at the market shopping

Metral Drive in the north of Nanaimo towards Lantzville is a great place to head to stock up on some deliciously fresh, locally grown produce. Just off Metral Drive is Doumont Road where you will find Nanaimo’s only year-round, indoor, winter Farmer’s Market. By popping in for some seasonal fruit and vegetables, freshly baked bread or pies, locally roasted organic coffee, or some handmade skin-care products, you will be supporting farmers in the area and contributing towards the local economy as well.

The Island Roots Farmer’s Market takes place every Wednesday at Pleasant Valley Hall between 3 and 6 pm. The address is 6100 Doumont Road (off Metral Drive), Nanaimo. Have a browse around Nude and True, a stall which sells hand-crafted skin care products made from only natural ingredients, or bite into a slice of homemade pumpkin pie or a cinnamon bun from Jenn’s Eats and Treats! Buying from local vendors in this way means that farmers and traders get a better return than if they were to sell their produce to large corporations – and the money you spend is stimulating your very own economy.

The Benefits of Buying Locally Grown Produce

The produce on offer at Island Roots Farmer’s Market is always seasonal and locally grown, which means it has not been transported very far or stored for long period of times. It will, therefore, be crisp, fresh, and ripe, meaning maximum taste and nutritional value, and less impact on the environment – as it has not had to travel very far to get to you. Environmentally-friendly growing methods are generally employed by local growers. Fewer pesticides and chemicals mean that the end result is much better for you, and the environment.

Reasons to Shop at a Farmer’s Market

You will also get to meet the people who grow your food, see first-hand what you are buying and where it came from, and enjoy the atmosphere and community spirit of a local farmer’s market. Workshops, classes, presentations and social events take place so you might even learn some new recipes or cooking techniques, or get some useful advice about the seasonal produce on offer.

Love the area? Pay a visit to Chris Martin at RE/MAX of Nanaimo.  Chris Martin can assist with buying and selling.  Pop in, give him a call, or send him an email and find out what opportunities are currently available in the local area.

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